Peace In Palestine

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No place on earth has ever been the center of attention as much as the ?Holy Land?. It is the birthplace of the world?s three heavenly religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Muslims all around the world, especially the Arab Muslim population, address it as Palestine, while most Jews refer to it as Israel. Not until 1994, did the Pope of the Christian Catholic faith in Rome, recognize Israel as a legitimate state as outlined by the United Nations resolution that proclaimed Jews have the right to establish a state in some parts of the Holy Land. To maintain neutrality and fairness towards the three Holy Religions, and also not to offend any of the readers? political views or religious beliefs, one will keep referring to this place as the Holy Land.

For more than four thousand years, the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim peoples of the Holy Land, have fought each other for exclusive complete control of the Holy Land.

?Out of those forty centuries of war, our century has seen some of the most savage fighting in the...? Holy Land.1 The battles that were fought during our century, were mainly between the Christian and Muslim Arabs on one front, and the Jews on the other.

Many attempts were made at reaching some kind of a peace agreement between the Arabs and the Jews. All have failed due to many circumstances, and every time that occurred, the outcomes spun off severe reactions from either side, which added to the widening gap of hate and distrust between the peoples of these faiths. This brings up the question: Will peace ever rein in the Holy Land? The situation in the Holy Land looks grim, with no sight of any peace deals being brokered between the Israelis and the Arabs in...