Peace through Education

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Maria Montessori believed that the relationship between adults and children can lead to a society that has a tendency for war fare. She said "the adult does not understand the child. Parents unconsciously battle with their children rather than helping them in their divine mission. Fathers and sons do not understand each other. An abyss yawns between them from the day the child is born. And this lack of understanding is mans undoing; it leads him astray, sickens his spirit, impoverishes him, and makes him fail to realize his potential."

Maria Montessori is saying that if a child and their care usually don't have a strong, good relationship because the parent does not understand the child. Because of this, the child develops a lack of sensitivity. When a child has a lack of sensitivity and criminality, they have a better chance of wanting to engage in war.

This, I think, is a really good reason to have Montessori schools. Not only do Montessori schools provide growth and understanding of academics, it also provides social and emotional growth. One big thing about Montessori is that the teachers have good relationships with the student as well as the student having good relationships with his or her peers. I think this is a great way to promote peace through understanding as well as education. In a traditional school, you wouldn't have that kind of relationship with a teacher or peers, and this will lead to the exact thing Maria was explaining. In being in a Montessori school, if the parents and child don't communicate or understand each other, they will at least have the teachers and peers to fill that part.

I'm not sure if there really is any solution between a parent and child not understanding each other to the fullest, because that's life. But I do think that Montessori students have a better understanding because they learn to communicate and be respectful with not only their teachers, but with every one they come in contact with (e.g., parents, students, and really, anyone outside the community).

I believe Montessori, for the most part, allows children to grow at their own pace. Therefor, allowing them to grow up with a happy and healthy soul. Montessori also gives the child the necessary tools to go through life, that my not otherwise be learned in traditional schools. When I say tools, I don't mean a hammer and nail, but instead a love of learning, sense of responsibility and respect, it allows you to prepare for the real world, and really allows you to live your life being your own self, not live your life by being part of the "in crowd."

In conclusion, I believe that if a child grows up with a healthy soul, enjoying the full development of clear intellect, they will live their life through love and understanding, instead of hate and destructive behavior. I think that if we all lived like this, we would be able to put an end to war. We would think of war to be a barbaric state, not a victorious and heroic state. We would really be able to see war for what it really is, unpretty, unnecessary and unrewarding.