Peace Treaties After WWII

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"˜Information Processing Applications' Exercises on pg 99 1) A Hospital Computer used to keep a person's heart going "" the failure of such a computer would be fatal A Bank's Central Computer "" where failure would lead to the loss of peoples bank balances and transactions.

2) A person's job may be replaced by the computer as that employee is no longer needed.

If the computer system "˜crashes' then lots of work may be lost, whereas with a manual system this could never happen.

There is a lack of paper records, and if there is a power failure many records will be lost, whereas there is a paper record when done manually.

3) Computers have made our home environment easier, as they perform many different features in out home, our VCR, TV, Sky system, E-mail, Fax, and to some extent, microwaves, and ovens. Recently on television they have been advertising Fridges which have a computer in them and know when a certain item has been taken out of the fridge, and so order a new one on the internet, so it can be delivered to your door.

4a) Using E-mail, Faxes and telephones, working from home is becoming significantly more acceptable. You can easily communicate with the office using E-mail and Fax. Thus, using these systems it is easier to communicate with the office, as if you were actually there, you can send and receive documents to and from the office, and receive faxes of any mail that you receive at the office.

4bi) Quieter environment then the noisy office Difficult to work together as a team 4bii) Employers save on overhead costs such as office space.

Employers are unable to maintain control over the workforce 4biii) Workers do not have to commute on trains or in cars, so the environment will be cleaner Employees miss the social life which goes on in the office.

5a) It is quicker for the customer Is more accurate at calculating the total than by hand 5b) Able to bring up graphs showing profits Computer is able to order more stock of an item as soon as the current stock falls below a certain level.

"˜Computer Crime and the Law' Exercises on Pg 105 1) Unauthorised access to computer programs or data. An example of which is a company which pays a hacker to spy on a competing company's finances.

Unauthorised access with a further criminal intent. An example of which is spying on a bank's computer system to gain information on when the optimum time is to hold up the bank.

Unauthorised modification of computer material. An example being a hacker gaining access to his bank balance and changing it.

2a) Because the system is over a large network there would be many terminals which could be used to gain entry to the network, or because when you gain access to the network from an outside computer you go unnoticed because of the shear number of computers accessing the network.

2b) Extensive Passwords and other security systems such as firewalls may have to be utilised to stop unauthorised access to the network.

3) Extensive fines which are imposed when people are caught using illegal software. Checks are also often carried out to make sure that businesses are not using illegal software and the companies that do use illegal software face legal damages, heavy fines and even a criminal record.

4i) increasing his/her bank balance after gaining entry to his/her bank. Or by threatening a company of the destruction of their system unless they pay a significant sum of money.

4ii) Adding complicated, regularly changed passwords. Requiring fingerprint ID to gain entry. By adding firewalls to the computers which are programs which supposedly keep hackers out of the network.

"˜Privacy and Data Protection Legislation' Exercises on pg 110 1) That the data is accurate and true to the customer That the data is used for limited purposes and not passed on to other companies without the customer's permission.

That the data is secure, so that no unauthorised people may access the data.

2) That all data that is held is for a purpose for that company "" this prevents many companies holding information that can be sold onto other companies.

That data about people such as their email addresses and postal addresses will not be sold or given to other companies without that persons expressed permission.

That all data that is held is in a secure place with a certain high level of security surrounding it so that unauthorised personnel cannot access the information.

3) The disclosure of data to other companies without the person's expressed permission. And the data had been kept longer than was necessary.

"˜Health and Safety' Exercises on pg 115 1) RSI, ELF Radiation, Headaches, and Back pains.

2) "¢ Provide training to the employees on how to work comfortably.

"¢ Make sure that employees take regular breaks from the screen.

"¢ Provide regular eye tests for workstation users and pay for glasses.