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The Pearl In the Novel The Pearl Kino didn't always have a choice. Just like we have to make choices in every day life, we sometimes make the wrong ones just like Kino did in the novel. He did try to make some right choices. He just wanted a better live for his son, Coyotito. He wanted his son to have a better education. So when Kino found the pearl he thought there was a way for his son to have an education. His dream would come true since he had found the pearl.

Kino lived in a hut on the beaches of Mexico. He had limited freedom because of his social class. He and Guana could not be officially married, but in the town's eyes, they were married. His social class was predetermined, as his parent were poor, he was too. He did not want Coyotito to follow in his footsteps.

Kino didn't have a choice when the men tried to rob him. He had to defend himself. He got into a fight with one of the men and Kino stabbed him and killed him. When Kino and his family ran up the mountain with the trackers followed. At night, while his family slept in a cave, Kino climbed down the cliff and killed two of the trackers, but one of them shot towards the cave killing Coyotito.

Kino's son was sick, but the doctor wouldn't care for Coyotito because Kino didn't have the money. Kino became obsessed with finding a pearl which would provide a chance for a better life for him and his family. He tried to sell it to some pearl buyers but they would not give him a fair price. Therefore, he did not sell the pearl. He wanted to go to the capital city to get a greater selling price. He was prevented from making it to the capital city by the men who broke into his house and put a hole in his boat.

In the end, Kino was still poor. His son was dead. Kino and his family were not given many choices in life. His home burned to the ground, his son was killed. These may still have happened, but Kino could have tried other ways to get his son treated instead of relying on the pearl.

If you set a goal in life, you need to establish a plan to meet the goal. Kino's goal was to have a higher social class for his son. He felt he had control when he found the pearl. His wife, however, saw the pearl as evil and bad luck. Kino had a plan to become successful from the sale of the pearl. He was unable to control the obstacles in his path to sell the pearl. His behavior could have been controlled when he chose to kill the robber. His choice to climb down the mountain and kill the other trackers resulted in the loss of his son's life.