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Lord of the Rings There are many heroes and all of them have different heroic characteristics. Just because they are ¡°hero¡± doesn¡¯t mean that they have same personalities and same heroic characteristics. I have read a book called ¡°Lord of the Rings¡± by J.R.R. Tolkien. In the book, I believe that many of the characters possessed heroic characteristics. I believe that people who went on the journey with the main character, Frodo Baggins, had heroic characteristics.

Frodo goes on the journey with his faithful servant, Sam, and a small band of companions to carry the Ring to the one place it could be destroyed. On the way to the destination, the crew faces many obstacles and difference in opinions among them. But most of time they find the solution or the best way to it.

I believe that all of them possess heroic characteristics. First, they all decided to go with Frodo to destroy the ring.

They are all on the journey for someone else. Even though some people have more courage than others and some people have more skills than others, they all are heroes or somebody who can be a hero. But out of all, I believe that Frodo is the hero of the heroes. Even though he was not involved with anything about the Ring and could have not gone to destroy the Ring, he decided to go out and destroy the Ring for others.

Hero¡¯s journey for Frodo is very interesting. He starts the journey with his servant and Gandalf. And more people gathers up. He has many companies that are trustable. He has gone thorough many tests and he got many helpers who are willing to die for the others. Gandalf even died for the others to let them go through and he fought with a dragon until the last moment of his life.

Even though the book that I have read is just the first part of the book I could find many interesting things about Frodo¡¯s journey. With those helpers, I believe that Frodo will be very pleased to go destroy the Ring. I like this book a lot and I want to finish reading the other parts too.