Pearl Harbor

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Pearl harbor is an excellant movie to watch. It starts out in a hospital in the u.s. . Rayfe is the main flyer along with his best friend Danny they grew up together. The two boys fathers were pilots in world war 2. When the boys grew older they decided to to join the miletary so that they could put their flying talents to good use. They went to training oklahoma and the two boys got caught messing around in their fighter planes so they got in trouble with the cheif. Since the two boys were the best pilots in training they were let go wighout punishment. Rayfe was pffered to go to the reserves which were going to go to war in a few days. That night he met this girl which was a nerse and they got together that night and fell in love. Rayfe told her that he was leaving and she was heart broken.

When Rayfe got to the base where he would be staying in he met the best pilots there. They were very cocky because they didnt know him. The next day the japs bombed pearl horbor and they made a sneak attack on the u.s. . They blew up and sank all the ships in the harbor and it was a masacre. Rayfe and the pilots that were there went to a plane re-fuling station and got some planes to fight in. Rayfe and Danny took out about 9 jap. planes by themselves. After all that took place the commander had a secret opporation for the brave pilots who would go on this mission. They had to go to Japan and carryout a dangerous mission and bomb the japs. They bombed the japs and their supply ships had to leave early so...