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Essay question : "To what extent was the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese fair/effective and how did the American Government react ?"The attack on the Pearl Harbour in World WarII was a part of how Japan expressed their fury towards America and how they treated Japan. I think that the attack on Pearl harbour was fair because there were several issues brought up by the American Government which caused the actions of the Japanese but there were many victims made by these. Things such as : cutting off oil going to Japan, cutting off raw materials going to Japan, limiting trading materials available to Japan and persuading other countries not to trade with them were the main cause. Large portions of imports were depended on America, 70% of steel, 78% petroleum and 66% of the machine tools, these were all cut off therefore resulting in the unnecessary conflict.

Trading was big part of the Japanese country "because they were a growing empire so they needed trade to survive ". America reacted in ways which were entirely unexpected and effective long-term.

Firstly, cutting off the trading supplies were a large impact to Japan because, as said before, they needed trade to survive economically as well. Japan was still improving and still did not have the technology to produce steel, petroleum and machinery them selves so they were very dependent on the other countries to trade with. Some say the that the attack on Pearl Harbour was not unexpected for the President ( Franklin . D . Roosevelt) and all Pacific commands including both Navy and Army were warned sometime in November that war with Japan was expected in the near future and on the day of the attack, General Marshall had sent warning that there was going to be...