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The inevitability of a sequel to The Matrix grew out of its unexpected and quite phenomenal success at the box office.

The trouble with all sequels is, howefver, whether the orginal idea was exhausted in the first film.

Thankfully, such is not the case with The Matrix Reloaded which manages to successfully draw on the strengths of the first film and, rather than repeating them, extend them both in terms of the speical effects and the story.

The core of the original cast return with Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishbourne, Carrie-Anne Moss and a whole lot of Hugo Weavings taking their characters further as the story develops.

Neo [Reeves] is The One who has been prophesied as destroying The Matrix and restoring humanity to real existence, and this time his relationship with Trinity [Moss] has blossomed into love.

Morpheus turns out to be rather more than we learnt in the first film, which takes us to Zion where all the rebels are living and doing their best to resist years of attacks from The Matrix.

The scale and scope of these things are realised on the screen are very impressive, as are the many fight scenes and a particularly ceral highway car and motorbike chase.

While some might argue that there's rather more fighting than there needs to be, that the highway chase goes on for too long, that the love scene that's earned the film an 'R' rating in the US is more than the plot needed, such people would have missed the point.

This is all about entertainment at that level this is a great ride where the accelerator is given a real thumping.

THere is of course a whole other level to the story it's one that has produced more than a few books and even...