Peer Pressure

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Ageyeva 1

Caroline Ageyeva

Professor Fisher

Composition 110-N35

2 October 2014

"Consider a time you yielded to what others expected or wanted, going against your own wishes or beliefs. What did you learn from this?"

Peer Pressure

"There was I standing in a dark room, surrounded by intoxicated teenagers, booming music, not knowing my place, thinking should I stay or should I quietly leave this immoral atmosphere without anybody noticing. Smoke this, drink that; temptations on every corner reeling you in feeling pressure by your peers. Is it really worth it to impress your peers by taking a quick whiff of a cigarette or drinking intoxicating drinks that slow down the function of your central nervous system? I became fully aware that this party was alluring me on to the road of destruction; feeling compressed to possibly try what these teenagers think is cool, but I attacked the devil within me and withstood the peer pressure."

"Who am I? Where do I come from? Am I that easy to give into peer pressure? Well let's put it this way, I grew up in a Russian-American family following the morals of Christianity. That's what I stand by, the Bible was my guide, God was my shepherd and I was the dumb sheep in need of utter guidance in this crazy world. To society I was portrayed as a peculiar nerd." "Nerds have their own heroes, their own vocations, their own religion and their own skill sets."(Brooks 261) "We are unique individuals and that was who I was, a nerd."

"Going back to high school, freshman year; me being at fourteen years of age, young and foolish like a predictable, typical teenager wanting to fit in with the cool kids, I was put to the test by God. A test that not...