Peer Pressure It Affects Everyone

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Negative peer pressure affects everyone emotionally and physically. Peer pressure affects everyone young and old. It can be simple like someone telling you the answer to a problem in class. And it can be serious like having someone trying to make you do drugs or have sex. "Peer pressure has been a round for a very long time. It has been said that people think that it was even with the kids in the Zoot suits in the 20s, and the girls with the Betty Boop falsetto voices and short hairdos were following peers." Negative peer pressure is when someone does or says something negative about someone else and all of their friends go along with it. Some of it is small while others of it are major.

"When someone keeps buggin you to try drugs such as smoking a joint and so on that is negative peer pressure.

THey can tell you that it will not hurt you or kill you to try it just once to get you to do it. Even if you say NO people usually keep bugging you about it." "When boys say sexual things about girls and their friends go along with it, that is peer pressure. So is it when girls and their friends talk to each other about other girls and make fun of them, and whn a classroom full of students decides to get a teacher off track or create a disturbance so that the learning cannot take place." "Alcohol and peer pressure happens a lot with under-aged children. It can be when a person comes up to you and offers you a drink. They can say just take one sip it will not do anything to you. But if you give in, that is peer pressure. Sex can also...