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Wilder Penfield, A Canadian Landmark Neurology is a very skilful practice. Many doctors are afraid to even get near the area of surgery, in fear tat they might permanently or seriously injure someone or possibly kill someone during the surgery. Few doctors will work or even recherché in a field so deadly, however those doctors who will become heroes, to their patients and the rest of the world. Those doctors show a huge amount of bravery in their work and deserve every morsel of praise they get. Without these Valiant physicians, the world would not be in such great shape as it is today. These doctors deserve great commandments and many people agree. One of these courageous doctors is Wilder Penfield. Wilder Penfield was a great man who did wonders in the study of neurology. Penfield received his medical training in New York and became a surgical expert in neurology, in the Montreal Neurological Institute, in 1928.

Doctor Wilder Penfield is now a landmark in medicine and has been taken on as a great Canadian character. This essay will explain about Penfield's educational experiences, Penfield's career and Penfield's breakthroughs.

Penfield was not only a groundbreaking researcher and a greatly devoted surgeon; while he lived he was called "the greatest living Canadian". (Databank, Nov 23 01) Although Penfield was born and brought up in the United States when he finally did come to Canada in 1928 he became a citizen and we took him on as our national hero. Most of his life was spent thinking of the mysteries of the mind until his death in 1976. Penfield wanted to know if there was a scientific basis for the existence of the human soul. "Brain surgery is a terrible profession. If I did not feel it would become different...