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This is to confirm that Mr. Pustizzi has been an intern of Morgan Stanley. During that time, Jeff has displayed sound judgment, excellent communication skills, and tremendous personal motivation. He has actively sought out experiences to explore the diversified areas of the retail brokerage business. His perseverance and diligence has made him one of our most successful interns in contacting prospective clients. Jeff has also demonstrated his immense organizational skills and attention to detail through coordinating seminars on retirement planning. In addition, Jeff has been compiling a hypothetical, one hundred thousand dollar stock portfolio, comprised of companies such as Mobil, Citibank, and Sun Microsystems. He has made extensive use of Morgan Stanley's financial and economic date in conducting his financial research portfolio.

Jeff has also displayed a strong aptitude for concepts, in his time at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, such as assessing a company's financials. Everyday, he had shown great willingness to learn and expand his practical knowledge of the stock market through researching the available economic and financial literature.

However, one of Jeff "˜s most outstanding assets is his interpersonal skill that has made him a valuable and successful team player. I highly recommend Jeff and wish him the very best in his future career endeavors.