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Threw out history, one of mans' greatest downfalls have been judgment. It is worst when the man is given the true beforehand to make a clearer judgment on a situation, but he ends up doing the opposite. For some reason, when you give man the truth they are seeking for to make good clear judgments, the plan backfires. You would think that a man seeking the truth, would us it to help him, but for some reason man cannot accept the truth. Once we cannot accept it, all the events that occur after go wrong till the truth is finally accepted. This is displayed in Oedipus the King. Oedipus has requested the truth, but threw free will Oedipus make several bad decisions. These decisions could had been avoided, from just acceptance of truth.

A horrible decision was made by Oedipus when he took what Teiresias said, and turn it into something it was not.

Which was an outrageous conspiracy that Creon was trying to over throw him. He truly never gave a truth a chance to me in the beginning. All he had to do is see if the truth lined and had his subjects do research. You are a King, from Oedipus point of view, so you should have every option view just in case. The reasoning behind this is you are ruler of a land. So you are the king, the judge, and the father, which means you cannot of the world as a man. You have to take three or four steps back for all your choice, and then you think about how your actions will affect everybody involved. That is what a just king would do in my eyes.

See Teiresias, actually, did not want to tell the truth, because with telling people...