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The Loud Sound

It was cold, very cold. I put the weapon at my head. I didn't know what to do, should I do it or should I not. I had my shaky index finger right on the trigger. Is this option better than I hoped? Was death better than life? With my whole head numb and all my thoughts dumb, surely this is my only option. As I slowly pull my finger back I….. The snow was falling down and the smell of winter was in the air. January was coming in soon. My life was a disaster. I didn't know what to do with my life. My family was complete disorientated. I didn't have this notion of "true" faith. I'm depressed in life, by having this ideology of having nobody in my life. It seems if I try so hard at something, I always end of failing in the end.

How or why, I ended up in this position. I'm in High school now, I'm supposed to have the time of my life. Why do act and think this way? Am I quitter? I should be. It like having a shoulder angles on you. Which one should I agree? I feel rock bottom. Is death really my answer?

After school was finished I did my homework, ate and went to bed. As I closed my eyes I heard a loud banging sound. It kept going. I laid my bed wondering, if my mom was going to get up and check out the noise. I waited for thirty minutes and I was wondering, why wasn't my mom not hearing that annoying sound. I became annoyed of the sound and walk towards it. I realized that when I came closer to the banging sound, it was coming from the basement.