Will the People Change the World?

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Think of summertime. The weather is scorching hot and unless one is under an umbrella, sipping lemonade right next to the swimming pool, it is unbearable to live with. In parts of Nevada and Arizona the temperature may exceed 120 degrees. Now, think of a world where 120 degrees is a cool tropical breeze. That is the future of the world when the variable of what has been termed “global warming” is thrown in. Climate changing around the world is typical and expected to a certain degree. However, when there is a radical change, people know that something is wrong. Scientists have said that the temperature is rising. It may not seem like a big deal when scientists say that the average world temperature has increased by roughly 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit this century, but think of the “long haul” in terms of years and of a person's posterity. The rate of rising temperature is growing exponentially.

If nothing is done about global warming, in the year 2114 the temperature might be growing by 2.7 degrees every year! Can scientists know this for sure? Of course not, but this is a hypothetical situation that could happen. Although some people may think that the world around them will stay the same forever, others know that they need to stop global warming because they can. The effects of it will ruin the world. At this increasing rate of temperature, people should know that it would ruin the world as they know it, and with the seriousness of the matter, not enough is being done to preserve it. This cannot be taken lightly at all!Can anyone on Earth imagine living in a place that is a total “dump” and honestly feel good about it? Well, this will be the result if they don't take...