How People Choose Careers

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How do people select careers? Why is work important? Selecting a career is fundamentally important to who we are and what we are as a person. A job is a term that refers to specific tasks or duties that the worker performs (Lefrancois, 1999). A career refers to any specific occupation or employment but to an entire range of related occupations. Usually, a career is something selected by a person which will last throughout the entire life-span.

Two theories have come about which try to explain how people select or choose a career. One emphasizes that individuals and their jobs should coincide with their interests, what he or she is good at, and the job's requirements. This theory is known as the job-person matching. The second emphasizes the development of career-related abilities rather than simple job-interests matching (Lefrancois, 1999). Another important aspect to consider or that helps people select careers is the educational levels their parents have reached and how they have been raised and influenced by their environment and more importantly, the gender typing of certain careers.

I feel people should solely base what they would like to pursue as a career on their interests and talents. Take me for an example. I have always wanted to be a teacher for as far back as I can remember. I am interested in teaching others and I know I have the talent because I was lucky enough to test it while volunteering at a day care center.

Work is extremely important especially in our society today. The cost of living has gone up throughout the years resulting in the need for both parents to work within a family. Money may be the most important reason for work. Secondly, I feel work is necessary in order for a person to keep his or her sanity. I think staying at home all day, everyday, with or without children would cause someone to lose it mentally. Lastly, work is important for everyday life to continue. Every job out there is dependent on the job of others. There are always people who rely on other jobs just for ordinary life to go on. I look at work as a cycle. How hard you wok in your specific field will eventually come back to you through the hard work of others in their respective field.