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In my roller-coaster life journey, I always encounter many obstacles. However, since my family, friends, and teachers help me along the way, I fortunately pass through those barriers. To me, my parents are like the directors in a game, while friends are my associates and teachers are my audience. Parents will lend me hands when I am stuck. Friends will assist me to accomplish my goals. Teachers will watch me over many dangers along my way.

Parents play an important role on my journey. First, they provide me with a comfortable shelter to set foot on. They also give me invaluable knowledge through demonstrations and tutorials. Moreover, they lead me to the correct path that I can become more successful in my future.

Friends cannot be lacked in my life because I gain confidence, love and care from them. They help me to build confidence within myself. They lend me hands when I become frustrated.

They also help me to overcome difficulities. In addition, they prepare many sources and information for me to achieve my goals.

Teachers are like a silent audience. They watch over me and warn me if I am in great danger. For the number of years in school, they remind me of the importance; and cheer if I fail. When I eventually become successful, they will be as happy as I am and even more excited and proud. Without them along my life-long path, I will not be as successful as I am now.

Walking along on my life-long journey, I cannot neglect the help from my parents, friends, and teachers. With their care and faith in me, I will eventually achieve my ultimate success in the nearest future.