How are people presented in at Hiruharama ?

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PEE- How are people presented in the 'At Hiruharama'?

In the Prose 'At Hiruharama' women are presented in a very positive light. 'Why, yes it must be six months since he came, ' said kitty, as though she was making a conversation'. Even though kitty in labor she is making a conversation that shows how relaxed she is, the author may want to portray the calm nature of the females. The word ' as though' stands out because Kitty is not capable of doing so however she is trying, this may make readers feel how tolerating women are. ' Six months' may be used to show that Kitty is always thinking which doesn't match the stereotype of women's who were not educated at that time. Women were responsible to take domestic work. However the author breaks the stereotype here showing women as intelligent and well capable. "Mr. Tanner guess was although Kitty was a quiet girl, very quiet, she'd refuse to marry him until he'd got hang of it".

The fact that the author makes Kitty quiet shows that Kitties lady like features. "she'd refuse to marry him" this shows the high expectation that Kitty has. Readers may think that Kitty is demanding, in the way how Penelope has but across Kitty as a character. The author has shows females in more of a positive light than the males as he's made Kitty educated and has given characteristics, which shows female in more of a positive light. The male "Mr Tanner" doesn't know how to read and write which is not we would usually except at that time. "No, I've come today, as I came formerly, for the sake of hearing a woman's voice." This touch is important for the story since the story is feminist in...