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Societies holds individuals accountable for their own actions, but people's behavior is often determined by forces not of their own makingThe statement above indicates that there is actually no such thing as individual responsibility,as the behaviors taken by individuals are often enforced and shaped under other forces outside rather than the self-willingness inside to fulfill the responsibilities for the society..For my part , I do not totally agree with this indication.Even there are forces in our human society that will made us to follow so as to behave responsively to the society ,they actually act as a way to both ensure and also realize people's sense of responsibility to their society, for we can hardly imagine a society where people have little sense of individual responsibilities can be equipped with reasonable forces such as laws and principles made by people themselves to make people to conform in order to keep the healthy development of the society.

The speaker here states the conclusion in a way that is ignorant of the self-restraint and self-realization characters of human-being .It seems that without the forces in the society there is actually no one will act automatically and slef-consciously to take their responsibilities to the society.However,common sense informs me that the development of human history is based on the discontinuous developing sense of individual responsibility which results in the gradual formation of human society and human culture from a almost state of randomness and is through the communications and creations and discoveries that promoted by the collaborations and co-operations that stimulate the development of society in a systematic and neat way. It is obvious that without the responsibilities that human owns intrinsically and co-coordinately there will also no rules made by human-beings themselves to keep damages and harms out and keep...