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Honoring the Peoples' Princess On Saturday, July 1, 1961, the Peoples' Princess was born into a sophisticated life in Park House. From a lonely childhood, Diana Spencer grew up to a shy girl when she first fell in love with Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England. Her wedding was a fairytale most people could only imagine, their popularity rose beyond the stars, yet Diana was unhappy with her marriage and suffered from years of bulimia and depression. She borne the future king to England's throne, Prince William, and second to the throne, Prince Harry; yet was looked down upon by the Royal family, a living disgrace to the traditional royal values. Princess Diana was a loving humanitarian, whose endless acts of love reached out to those who were unprivileged and were unaccepted by society. Her humor, beauty, and countless acts of love reached places in millions of hearts around the world even after her unfortunate death on August 31, 1997.

Princess Diana has fascinated me ever since I was a little girl and upon receiving this project I sought out to read Diana: The Last Year by Donald Spoto. Diana's childhood, where elegance and being well mannered meant the world, was filled with loneliness from an absent mother and barely there father. Diana's childhood reflected a part of my childhood, because of the loneliness of having absent parents; my parents were always working. Diana grew up in a privileged family, however, but after her mother left the family to marry another man, Diana felt alone and betrayed. Even before her mother left the house, "the atmosphere at Park House, icily polite, left her to find and generate affection where she could." (Diana: The Last Year, 41) As one of the servants of her house remarked, "'One day...