People Seldom stand up for what they believe in

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Many people, believing he or she is smarter then the rest of the world, will think they stand up for what the believe in, but are very easily persuaded by the majority of the population, In fear of being belittled and looked down upon by their peers. People are social creatures and that they always fear rejection because it would be like being thrown out of the pack, therefore leaving them open and vulnerable to attacks. Humans strive for popularity because they all want to be known and those who are popular are also safe within their "pack" and if someone was to think a different way from either those who are popular or those who are following the popular, that would make them an outcast and therefore vulnerable.

Such as in The Crucible when Mary tries to convince the court that the other girls are lying to the court about the many people accused for witchcraft.

She, in the end, flees from John Proctor and falsely proclaims to the people of Salem that he is a witch himself because she knows she is now vulnerable to being arrested for lying to the court. No matter what time period this is going on. The Milgram Experiment is a demonstration that shows people will obey authority simply because they are the authority and won't do the right thing because the authority told them what the right thing is. countless teachers are put to the test. The experimenter would instruct the teacher, which is shocking the "learner", that they must read a series of questions that the "learner" must answer, if the question is wrong, the teacher must shock him and increase the voltage while sitting in a separated room. In reality the "learner" is an actor, which will be...