The People v. Larry Flint film essay (summary of the movie) My American Govt. teacher had us watch the movie The People V. Larry Flint and take notes on the movie.

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American Government

The People v. Larry Flint Essay

In this movie Larry Flint was the owner of a topless bar and wanted to expand his business started a magazine caller Hustler. His magazine received a lot of negative attention because of the full view frontal pictures of women. Until then no other magazine had tried selling a magazine with such obscenities. Mr. Flint got arrested for selling his magazines and was charged with obscenity and organized crime. His first court battle was held in the Hamilton county court house. The jury found him guilty and sentenced him to 25 years in prison. This clearly violated his right under freedom of press.

His problems did not cease then, a Georgia county prosecutor was arresting news dealers for selling Hustler. Flint rented the store where the news dealer was getting arrested and rented the store from the owner temporarily and then sold the magazines himself, once again he got arrested for the right to sell his magazine.

He was brought before the Gwyneth County court and they believed the community should have a say on weather the magazines can be sold not the individual. On his way out of the courthouse he and his attorney was shot, Mr. Flint was left paralyzed from the waist down from the gunshot wound.

Larry Flint somehow got a hold of top-secret FBI videotape and some cocaine dealers. He was subpoenaed by the Federal court to reveal the source of where he obtained the videotape. He refused to do so and was sent to a mental institution and was charged $10,000 each day until he revealed the source. He still refused and his bail was set at $50,000.

His next court experience was when Jerry Fawell sued him for an obscene article written about him and...