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Pepsi has a very rich history and a product that is hard to beat. They started out with an idea at an old soda fountain and have increased to an international and a multi-billion dollar corporation. People all over the world know of the Pepsi brand and many of its products. In fact due to a jingle from a commercial back dating back to the 1960's, Pepsi is a household name. Pepsi is now a very large corporation that was started with just a simple idea to quench the consumers thirst.

History of PepsicoIndeed, one would be hard-pressed to walk into any convenience or grocery store and not see a PepsiCo product in their snack aisle. PepsiCo was founded in 1965 by the CEO of Pepsi-Cola and the CEO of Frito-Lay. Some of the brand names PepsiCo distributes are Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay products, Gatorade, Quaker Oats products, and ready to drink Tropicana juices.

The company reports average revenues of over $39 billion a year and employee more than 185,000 employees according to

There are three main divisions within the PepsiCo family. PepsiCo Americas Beverages which produces the beverages that people are so familiar with. PepsiCo Americas Foods is their food and snack business which include not only products manufactured here in the United States, but also in Latin America and Mexico. Finally, PepsiCo International is the division which sells its products worldwide in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

One of the key factors leading to PepsiCo's financial success is what they call Performance with Purpose. One of their main missions is to remain financially healthy while being environmentally and socially responsible to the communities they serve. Some of their key missions are revitalizing their North American presence, broadening their global products and expanding internationally, and maintaining their commitment to help...