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PepsiCo, Organized Trade




PepsiCo Organized Trade:

The Beverage Industry is a mature sector and includes companies that market nonalcoholic and alcoholic items. Since growth opportunities are few compared to existing business, many members of the industry endeavor to diversify their offerings to better compete and gain share. Too, they may pursue lucrative distribution arrangements and/or acquisitions to expand their operations, product portfolios, and geographic reach.

Most equities in this group are suitable for conservative investors. The largest companies offer reliable dividends, with regular increases, and above-average Stock Price Stability. There are a few selections for those that are more venturesome. Such issues might serve a particular market niche, for example, energy drinks or developing overseas markets. Generally, the group turns in a steady performance throughout the business cycle, but it will generally suffer in the most stressful of economic times

PepsiCo is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.

Its products include a variety of salty, sweet, and grain-based snacks as well as Csds and non-Csds. the company is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of these goods. It has 18 brands in its portfolio and is headquartered in New York.

PepsiCo has two divisions: bottle soft drinks and juice segment. In India the consumption proportion of both divisions are good as compare to the major competitor. PepsiCo have invested around 12000 crore in India and has the most of the market share in India in beverages industry.

Mr. Anil R the Senior Manager of the organized trade handles the major area of Bangalore. His roles are to see the proper working in organized trade and to bring new business. OT has major area like restaurants, pubs, Cineplex entertainment, tourist area, and other...