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Marketing presentation-PEPSODENT

Changing face of the Indian consumer

More aware and selective

Has faster changing needs and habits

Increased ability to spend on a wide range of products

Availability and willingness to use credit

Quality conscious

Rural consumers are specially price sensitive.

A company which was established keeping all these in mind with a vision "Meeting everyday needs of people everywhere" was Hindustan Lever Limited or HLL as we all know.

A few fast facts about the company:

India's largest fast moving consumer goods company

30 power brands

Leadership in home and personal care, foods and beverages.

About 40000 employees.

1931- Unilever registers company in India - Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company

1956 - HVM, LBIL, UTL merge to form HLL

1996 - HLL and BBLIL merge

1998 - Pond's India Ltd merges with HLL

2001 - Project shakthi HLL's partnership with rural self help groups

2003 - Launch of Hindustan Lever Network.

Explain the business structure looking into the slide.

Categories and brands: Include soaps, detergents, household, oral, skin, hair care, deodorants, Colours, beverages, foods, cooking oils, ice creams, health care, confectioneries and network marketing.

Introduce the 4p's





Product - Tooth Paste

Brand portfolio -

Pepsodent regular

Pepsodent 2 in 1

Pepsodent G


Pepsodent Regular - Triclosan + Sodium Fluoro Phosphate + Calcium Glycerophosphate.

40g -Rs.10

80g - Rs.20

175g - Rs40.

Pepsodent 2 in 1 - Silica + Sorobil + Triclosan + Sodium Fluoro Phosphate

50g - Rs.19

Pepsodent G

100g - Rs 40.

Pricing strategies


32 per cent of toothpaste demand originates from rural areas

68 per cent coming from urban areas

Rs 500-crore toothpowder market depends almost entirely on rural demand.

"Today we want 50 per cent of our sales from our rural turnover."

Understanding the potentiality of rural area, it...