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Revisit Community College Perception

A vast majority of individuals attend community colleges. Community colleges are growing because of displaced workers and older adults changing their profession. An individual attending a community college has several degrees or certificates to choose. If an individual wants to enter the workforce after college pursing an associate of arts degree is the best choice. If an individual chose to continue his or her education in a 4- year university pursuing an associate of applied science will be the degree to seek. After visiting Northwest Community College in Desoto female students seem to be the majority on campus. Northwest has different programs to meet the community needs.

Who attends a community college

Community colleges do not have any typical students. Community colleges are diverse with open enrollment. Most individuals who attend a community college are looking for convenience. Most individuals are looking for classes available days, nights, weekend, and at various locations or online.

Community college students have jobs, families, and other obligations. Attending a community college is a low-cost way to meet general education requirements and decide on a major or career (Pakieser, 2009, para. 2).

Quality of instruction

Individuals attending a community college do receive a quality education from qualified instructors. The selection of texts and qualified instructors depend on funding (Ferguson, 2010 para. 1). Community colleges have fewer requirements for instructors than universities, which gives the perception the quality of education is not substantial.

Mission and purpose

An example of a mission is from Northwest Community College in Southaven, Mississippi. "The mission of Northwest Community College is to provide the students of its eleven-county district and beyond with opportunities for obtaining affordable quality education to meet their diverse needs" (Northwest, 2011, p. 1). To summarize the mission, Northwest is preparing all individuals...