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Emily Earith


Extra Credit

Simple Task with Eyes Closed

It is quite difficult to brush your teeth without using your sense of sight. If anything, as human beings, more often than not, we prefer standing in front of the mirror and brushing our teeth. So you can imagine how this exercise would be incredibly difficult to execute in the absence of sight. Without sight, the next sense that is used extensively is the sense of touch ("Bartley - Vision Casualty"). First and foremost, in as much as I know and recollect where I put the toothpaste the day before, it is still relatively difficult to locate it now with my eyes closed.

After taking five minutes to figure out where the tooth paste is, an exercise that normally takes a tenth of a second, looking for my tooth brush follows. This will in turn take more than two minutes.

Again an exercise that takes a second or less to execute, takes more than a minute to execute. The exercise then becomes gruesome as I keep missing for my teeth and heading for my gums making the experience more so frustrating and even painful. I cannot even tell whether my teeth are clean or not, whether or not, I have rinsed out all the tooth paste and no toothpaste has remained on the edges of my mouth.

Brushing my teeth has taken well over ten minutes to undertake, something that would take two to three minutes to execute if the sense of sight was in use. In as much as we are creatures of habit, to execute tasks without sight with the same pace and precision as one with sight would take a very long time to achieve. All factors held constant, it is an impossible task to...