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There was a time when I considered myself open-minded and a good judge of character. Over time that must have changed or I lost my touch. Having lived an experience which has re-evaluated that concept, I realized that had I not thought it through and reconsidered my first impression I may have lost a chance of a lifetime.

My Faulty Perception Process

For quite some time I have worked for and with a variety of people from various walks of life. I came to know their cultures, and thought myself a good judge of character. Well several years ago I came across a guy who worked at the same unit. This guy (Nathan) who I thought was too good looking for his own good. I automatically categorized him as attached and /or accustomed to women falling at his feet. There was no way to get acquainted with someone like him and not end up burned or hurt.

So, I just moved along with my work in a different shop. We were in different fields so keeping a distance was fairly simple. We learned we had mutual friends, mainly one in particular (Tim). Wanting to learn, I had purchased a motorcycle and was learning how to ride. Tim offered to help me out, and to get out on the roads. In agreement with him, I thought it would be great, and appreciated his offer. So, I went riding with him and he taught me how to ride, and was with me when I practiced until I felt comfortable enough to ride out of the parking lot and onto the street.

Tim had arranged a group ride with experienced riders and non-experienced riders so we could learn from each other. I was invited and went with this group. This was when...