Peregrine Falcon

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How to Keep the Peregrine Falcon Alive

Right now, it is very hard to keep the peregrines from becoming extinct. Here are three ways to prevent that from happening:

First and foremost, there should be NO pesticides used at all. DDT and DDE are the main ingredients in the endangerment of peregrine falcons because they damage the bird's reproductive system, causing the eggs to become much thinner and fragile. Pesticide production plants should be destroyed and replaced by herbicide production plants, since herbicides are much less dangerous than pesticicdes. The pesticide employees should be reassigned to help in the protection and creation of the peregrine falcons. At this point in time, peregrines need all the help they can get in order to survive.

Second, many more people should be volunteering to help the peregrine falcon. More volunteers helping means more protection for the peregrine and more chance for its survival.

If everyone works together, many great things can be done for the peregrine. For instance, peregrines need lots of space to live and hunt. Their homes and teritory is being taken away through deforestation and commercialization. If everyone works together through petitions and letters, this land could be given back to the peregrine and could be made as a reserve for the bird, free from society.

Finally, humans should not interfere with the peregrine. This means that things, such as egg poaching, falconry and guns, should not be allowed. If they are used or overused, they can cause an imbalance in the Web of Life. No one but scientists should be allowed to go near the falcons. If the peregrines are to be studied by non-scientists, people should study them with their eyes, not their hands.