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I. Introduction This business plan was written by Tamala Gulley with the inputs of Deepali Argawal and Bill Watson on November 18, 2000. This plan was written an investigative approach to securing funds for an innovative idea developed by Perfect Color Coordination. The innovative idea is a virtual make-up counter, where customers can give themselves a makeover from the privacy of their homes. This business plan is going to be presented to a group of venture capitalist for entry into an internet-based competition. The writers of this business plan can be contacted by the following: Tamala Gulley 631 Lakemont Drive Brandon, Florida 33510 (813) 661-6939 Deepali Argawal Tampa, Florida 33617 (813) 588-9000 Bill Watson Tampa, Florida (206) 779-3609 II. Mission Statement It is Perfect Color Coordination's mission to encourage all women to look their best with only one visit to the make-up counter in department stores. Additionally, Perfect Color Coordination wants to make it easier for women to enhance their natural beauty.

Perfect Color Coordination's basic company policy is to be innovative, creative, productive, and customer focused.

SWOT Analysis The number one strength of this innovative idea is that women can try on make-up in the privacy of their homes without physically putting on the make-up. Women get the opportunity to see what they look like in different shades of make-up. Additionally, with the cosmetic links embedded in our website, the customers can purchase their needed items with a click of a button.

The weakness of the idea is that women will first have to go to the make-up counter or the stand-alone kiosk in the order to use this web-based service. The true skin color of the customer may be off by a few numbers in the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color index and could possibly produce the...