The Perfect Crime. a short story with a twist

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Agent William Klein listened intently, the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck

standing at attention. He knew at that instant that he discovered the Perfect Crime. Smiling, he

nodded his head, and turned off the recorder. He heard enough. The Final Detail clinched it.

Grabbing the phone, his heart palpitating in his chest, he took a deep breath and dialed the

number to the Home Office. "This is it, my big break," he thought, "The boys back home have to

take notice of me now. Yep, pretty soon, everyone will be talking about Bill Klein and the

Perfect Crime."

Lost in his reverie, he missed the instructions of the automatic greeter and waited for

them to start again, adding to his anxiety, his heart pounding harder. Was it 3 or 4 that he wanted,

he wasn't sure. "Damn." Out of frustration he hits "0" and hopes for the best.

When a human

voice answers, he says, "This is Agent Bill Klein in Sacramento. Get me the Big Guy. I found

something. Something big."

"I'm sorry, he is in a meeting, would you like his voice mail?"

"No, I don't want his voice mail. I need to talk to him. I'm telling you this is big, real big."

"Can I give you to his assistant?"

"No!" Slamming his fist on the desk, he takes a deep breath, and through clenched teeth

calmly says, "Listen to me carefully. I do not want his voice mail. I do not want his assistant. I

want him, now. I don't care who he is with, this is the biggest thing I have ever encountered and I

need him."

Within two hours, Agent Klein is on the next flight to L.A. After listening to only a

minute of the recording the...