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There are 5 main aspects people want to see in the "perfect free email service". They want it to be Pretty, Big, Smart, Organized and Safe. With all of these abilities rolled into one service, I believe the Perfect Free Email service would emerge.

When I say pretty I mean that one should be able to customize their user interface. If they like blue instead of boring old gray, they should be able to change it. When I sign on I don't want to see about celebrities that I don't care about, I want to see stock reports and things that I am interested in. Being pretty also means that you shouldn't see any advertising or if there has to be advertising, at least let the user choose what ads they will see from a list of things that interest them.

My email needs to be BIG. All users should get a considerable amount of space to store emails and if that space isn't big enough for their needs they should be able to pay a small fee for extra space.

If they need to send a video to their friend on the other sides of the world that is 2 gigabytes, they should be able to (it might take forever, but that's okay).

The perfect free email service should be smart. Nobody likes an idiot. It should have a spell-checker that has the feature to add entries and save them for future reference. It should have features like a calendar, datebook and address book, which can sync with your handheld computer and cell phone. The perfect email should be able to be viewed from any location, whether it be from a Mac, PC, cell phone or Xbox.

Organization: Everything relies on it otherwise chaos ensues. The user should be able to organize their emails in folders that they name and you should be able to tag each email with multiple tags for easy searching. You should be able to send emails from certain people directly into certain folders. For example, I want emails form my co-workers to go directly into the "Trash" folder and emails from my friends to go into the "Friends" folder.

Lastly, the perfect free email program needs to be safe. This should include a virus scanner that scans emails BEFORE they are opened and warns you if you are at risk. This should also include a spam filter (who likes SPAM?) and a phishing filter to prevent you from leaving your secure area into a potentially hazardous zone.

To sum things up, the perfect free email service to me would be BIG, safe, smart, organized and pretty.

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