The Perfect Holiday

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Today is my birthday and I'm on holiday with my parents. We had been on the plane for three hours, then we had been on what seemed to be the longest journey ever, to the ski-resort in the French Alps.

As I went downstairs to breakfast, I looked out of the windows and saw the mountains beaming at me. I felt the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

Mum and Dad were already eating breakfast, Mum had orange juice, apparently she's on another diet. "Happy Birthday Anna" they cheered in unison. I had totally forgotten it was my birthday.

The room wasn't very busy, people had left to hit the slopes. Over at the breakfast bar they were serving a whole range of foods, from eggs to pain au chocolate . It was so colourful it looked like a rainbow.

Half an hour later I had finished eating. Rushing out to the door, Dad pulled me back.

"Where do you think you're going? Stop trying to disown us" he chuckled.

Do your parents get on your nerves like mine do? So, I sat down again.

"Why are we waiting?"

"We're waiting because we don't want to get caught in the Cable car rush" Mum sighed.

I sat down again and waited and waited. There was nothing interesting in the room, it all seemed hazy and cosy like my grandparents' living room.

I looked at the clock, it ticked quietly and softly spoke ten 'o' clock.

My parents made a move towards the door, I got up and followed. We went downstairs to reception, where all our equipment was, and went outside.

The steps up to the Cable car were steep, and as we got nearer to the top we could hear a low humming sound getting louder and louder. At...