The Perfect Lifestyle

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Rebecca Coombs

Dr. Lisa Wallace

English 101

20 September 2007

The Perfect Lifestyle

Our society, as a whole, knows well the unattainable image of perfection. It stares out at us from every magazine cover. An ad selling Grishko's Slimz dance tights, which appeared in Dance Spirit magazine, is no different. This ad depicts only a ballerina's legs, rather then showing her entire body. She wears pointe shoes and a tutu, an image that is often associated with perfection. The ad is attractively and sleekly designed using lighter colors and neutral tones. The word "perfection" is highlighted very noticeably on one of the dancer's legs. Based on the overall design, and the magazine in which it was discovered, this ad is targeting female dancers. This ad shows the audience an image of perfection, convinces them they should strive for it, by targeting their low self-esteem and insecurities, then persuades the audience to believe that the product will help them achieve that unachievable ideal.

The images in this ad, though few, send a clear message. The most eye-catching image is that of the pair of legs in the center of the ad. They are larger than anything else on the page, and your eye is immediately drawn to them. The viewer sees only the legs, not the rest of the dancer's body, which suggests that outward appearances are what matter most. The pair of legs are flawless and skinny, what most ballerinas strive to be. On the dancer's legs are the tights the ad is selling. They are of a light pink tone, which matches the light pink of the pointe shoes, and tutu the dancer wears. The other main color in the ad is the baby blue in the background, which helps to stress the...