How-To: The Perfect Pedicure

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Pedicure at Home

From the enjoyable days laying out by the pool to the formal events where you must be dressed up, there is nothing more appealing than a girl, who looks glamorous or casual, wearing open toed shoed with her feet looking flawless and maintained. If you discover yourself bounded by inescapable stress issues day to day, wash your cares away with a pedicure. With all the walking a woman does on their feet, each one truly deserves a thorough pampering and deep cleaning. Paying for a pedicure treatment a t a spa can be expensive, but preparing your own pedicure right at home can be pleasurable, simple, and affordable in just thirty minutes.

First remove any old nail polish from both feet with a nail polishing remover by using cotton balls. Use as little nail polish remover as needed to remove the polish. Be sure not to soak your nails in this harmful nail polish remover because it can be extremely irritating on the cuticle nail bed.

After that, prepare a bucket with luke-warm water and soak both feet about five to seven minutes in the bowl as you sit on a comfortable chair. Fold a bath towel into a square, and place it close to the bucket. This will give your feet a comfy surface to rest on after you soak your feet. As you are soaking your feet, use the foot scrub to exfoliate any dead skin cells. This process leaves your feet feeling extra fresh and smooth.

After your soak your feet in the warm water, cut the toenails vigilantly by using nail clippers. If you have fragile nails, you must soak them in the warm water to prevent damage and weakness in the nails. Then you must adequately groom the cuticles. The cuticle...