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Determining the Perfect Position

Determining the Perfect Position

Gamal Gilchrist

University of Phoenix

Organizational Leadership

LDR 531

Dan Kessinger Jr.

May 17, 2010�


With Tydlin Corporation expanding their warehouse operations to the Buffalo, NY area, they have presented a unique opportunity for advancement. Management has told me that I can define and create the position at the new warehouse that will be best for the company and me to be successful. I have a chance to have a larger role in a company and be in a leadership role. Leadership is "the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or a set of goals" (Yukl, G, 2006.). After, taking a series of assessments test and comparing and contrasting a few leadership theories, I have compiled the necessary information that I will share with Tydlin of what position and role I will taking in the new warehouse.

The five assessment tests that I have taken that show my strengths and weaknesses of my personal leadership style. In, the disciplining assessment, a score of 22 or higher meant that a person had excellent skills in disciplining in the workplace. I scored a 20, meaning that I understand the principles of disciplining, but that I have room for improvement in this area. For, example I should allocate stronger penalties for repeated offenses, as I scored low on that particular section. The "Do I trust others" section was another low scoring test. With one being a high level of faith in people and five being the lowest in faith, I scored a four. This means that I have very little trust concerning trusting people. When it comes right down to it, I think that most people are not here to...