"The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger

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Sebastian Junger's story, "The Perfect Storm" is written as a narrative, nonfiction story. It presents information to the reader that brings the event to life in the reader's mind. The facts are brought out into a story-like setting, and the events are all described in great detail with pin point accuracy. The conflicts that occur in the story draw in the reader's attention, and set them up for the climax, and ultimately the ending. His purpose in this story was to give the readers a first hand account of an event and to make his readers feel as if they were a part of the story. Since the story is a nonfiction, some of the typical elements that are used in this story include, point of view, setting, writing details, and diction.

The setting of the story outweighs the plot of the story. It plays a leading role in the story because of the situation.

If the setting for the story was to be any different, then it's effects would not have been as impressive. The setting of the story is in an ocean in the midst of a storm, if it had been written with the setting on the ocean with moderate weather, then the excitement of the story would have greatly decreased. Having it set on a stormy scene gives it the look of danger and gives this story its edge. The ocean is a dangerous and untamed place, making it a perfect setting for this story. The setting also sets up the tone of the story, giving it the reader a feel of what the characters are going through.

The details that the writer incorporates in the story are very good choices that give the reader all the information that they...