Perfection in not an Option, Catcher in the Rye Essay

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Perfection is not an Option "..he is capable of being anything except for who he truly aims to be - perfect."

14 April 2014

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Perfection is not an Option

Perfect can be define as being entirely without fault or defect and satisfying all requirements.

Everyone has their own perception of what perfect means. Perfect is what all human beings aspire to

become. Although people aim to be flawless, the fact of the matter is that not a single individual is or

will ever be capable of being perfect. In J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, the protagonist, Holden

Caulfield, frequently acts like some sort of god or saint, criticizing anyone that meets the eye or comes

to mind. He is able to comprehend and easily see everyone's flaws but when it comes to his personal

weaknesses, he is completely oblivious. An examination of his refusal to become an adult, how he is

full of hypocrisy, and how he hides his true identity unveils that he is capable of being anything except

for who he truly aims to be - perfect.

If there is one thing that Holden has an extreme passion for, it is hatred towards adulthood. His

burning hostility towards growing up is why he refuses to do so; he makes no effort to become one. He

believes that adults somehow mask their inner psyche and portray to the outer world what is expected

of them. By reaching maturity, adults become materialistic and fornicated, hence Holden thinking that

growing up means becoming a phony. The idea of phoniness does not appeal to him, therefore he

makes no attempt to take things seriously, making plenty of excuses when the topic arises. For

example, when his younger sister, Phoebe, asks him to "name something...