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Perfectionism is in each and every individual but it is challenging to keep up with because in this day and time no one is perfect. However, we try to make every moment perfect in our mission of life.

In order to make every moment perfect one has to practice. As they say practice makes perfect. Practice makes perfect is said to encourage people to keep practicing so they will become better at what they are doing.

Being a perfectionist doesn't come naturally, it takes a lot of hard work. In a positive form, perfectionism can offer the driving energy which follows great achievement. The only way to accomplish your duties is to have a good state of mind and to be focused.

Well, perfectionism has served me greatly as it has also motivated me to do well academically. It has helped me to achieve a lot. I've taken pride in striving to do everything well.

It makes me conscientious to details.

I always hear people speak to one another about an incomplete task which would fall greatly into place if they could complete it. As they sit and mourn about their agony, I would suggest for them to make perfect and work at getting that task done. Perfectionism is all about setting high standards and working your way up to complete tasks and goals.

In our modern age of living you have to work hard at your goal in order for it to have lasting value. Keenness and strength of mind are different point of views of perfection. Innumerable number of people strive for perfection. A person meets perfectionism after putting a countless amounts of time and effort to reach his objective.

Perfection is a point in which you reach not where you begin. Most of us have to let our aspiration get to where we want. Devote all your time to reach your goal, satisfy your inner strength to be a flawless individual. Always aim for high standards of personal performance.