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What Is A Performance Appraisal?

A performance appraisal is a measuring tool that evaluate a person on the job performance for the given time period (within his job description or beyond).

Many organizations today use various types of performance appraisal methods to evaluate their employees. And often out come of these appraisals lead to rewards, benefits and promotions.

Key Question?

Yet we know that not every job outcome can be measured and performance appraisal is a very subjective process, so what's the point of wasting time in conducting performance appraisal? Remainder of this document gives out the critical analysis of the above statement.


On the basis of seven case studies, IDS produced the following list of factors, which were typically appraised: (Source: IDS 1992)

* Job knowledge and abilities (ability to perform all aspects of the job)

* Adaptability/Flexibility (ability to cope with change; multi-skilling for craft workers)

* Productivity (individual work output)

* Quality of work (attention to detail; consistent quality)

* Attitude to work (commitment, motivation, enthusiasm)

* Interaction with others (communication skills, team working ability)

* Originality of thought/initiative (problem solving)

* Perception (ability to correctly interpret job requirements)

* Judgement, use of resources (setting priorities; ability plan and organise work)

* Attendance and time keeping (number of and reasons for absence: punctuality)

* Safety awareness (awareness of health and safety standards)

* Need for supervision (leadership: ability to develop others)

By analyzing these factors, we can suggest that assessment of factors achieved by mixture of subjective and objective measures and almost always carried out by the employee's immediate superior.

In terms of rating or scoring individual employees, a number of target areas can be identified for assessment.

a) Accountabilities:

Define the job responsibilities of a certain job and the results that jobholders...