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Performance appraisals are tools that measure and evaluate a person's performance on the-job for a certain amount of time. There are many different types of appraisal techniques to assess the company's employees. Frequently these evaluations can lead to better benefits, promotions, and other rewards. The question is why do companies use appraisal systems? This paper will discuss the systems and answer this question.

The performance appraisal assists in the monitoring and evaluating of high-quality and low-quality work performance inside the service organization. "The performance appraisal system, when conscientiously integrated with the organization's mission, strategic plan, structure, job design, and motivation and reward system, can serve as a valuable tool to change the personnel profile in a positive way" (Kettner, 2002). Performance systems are only good if they are carried out accurately by the managers or supervisors and are tactically planned out. A good Manager or supervisor can associate the objectives of an organization to a certain job tasks.

The employees should be well aware of the company expectations of them before the appraisal. Good communication is crucial in the performance appraisals systems processes.

The person doing the appraisals is to remain bias free in turn for the process to work accurately. The appraiser must assess the sections of performance that may need to be improved upon. For the most part of the process the appraiser needs to stay in the shadows and just watch the employees work without their knowledge, because when people know they are being evaluated they tend to mess up . Specific norms inside the ratings need to be set up in turn to reward performance successfully. The evaluation cannot just have a one or a two in evaluating people are different and should use a larger scale. Evaluating several qualities is the framework for an...