Performance Appraisal Evaluation of ALARKO Group of Companies

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Table of contents

1)What is Performance Appraisal?

2)Performance Appraisal Methods:

a)Rating Scales

b)Essay Methods

c)Management by Objectives

3)Alarko Group

4)Performance Appraisal System of Alarko Group




Performance appraisal is the effort to determine, in a certain framework of job and mission description, the individual's level to realize this job and mission. It is the measurement of the employee's level of realizing determined missions in a given amount of time.

Performance appraisal is a very important function of human resources management. It consists of studies on measuring the individual's level of efficiency and success in any given subject. To measure the level of efficiency and success is very complex task, because it involves evaluating an individual. Another challenge is that the concepts of performance and success are subjective.

Performance appraisal is observing individual's work, efficiencies, deficiencies, surpluses and inefficiencies with every aspect.

Both the individual's self, and the organization's evaluation of performance is important to observe their level of realization in the role they are occupying.

Organizational performance appraisal is also possible as well as individual appraisal.

With performance appraisal, the individual sees he/she's own output of work and evaluates he/she's own performance. On the other hand, the organization observes at which levels the terms of job contract is realized, the employee's interests and abilities is reflected to the work, employee's success in business, if the employee is able to reach the standards in job description and how the career planning will be.

At which level the expectation of success from the individual is realized is determined according to the outcomes. The outcomes are used for decision making process about promoting, planning the career of, increasing salary of, changing the mission of, firing, enriching the job of the employee.