Performance Assessment & Management: Counselling & Mentoring

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1. Introduction

Performance Management is a critical factor that determines the long-term success of an organization and primarily deals with managing people. It enables the organization to measure how well employees perform and then use that information to ensure that employee performance meets pre-set standards and improves over time. It is a complex task and organizations find it difficult to implement successfully.

2. Performance Assessment & Management Process:

Performance Management (PM) is the integration of Performance Appraisal systems with broader Human Resources (HR) systems to align employees' work with organization goals. PM is an ongoing, interactive process and is designed to enhance employee capability and facilitate productivity. As there is no single way to manage performance, organizations have to ensure that irrespective of the system adopted, it is congruent with the culture and principles of the organization. The purpose of PM is to ensure that employee goals, employee behaviours, feedback are all in line with the corporate strategy.

To have an effective PM system, organizations have to:

- Define performance carefully so that it supports the strategic goals of the organisation

- Conceptualise the Appraisal process so that it is steady across the organization and consistent with the culture of the organization

Measure performance in a broad manner, such that it brings together multiple types of performance measures; performance has to be measured often and the information has to be used for making mid-stream corrections

Provide Feedback about their performance to employees and offer Coaching and guidance wherever necessary

Performance Appraisal (PA) is a part of Performance Assessment and Management Process in which the employees' contribution to the organization in a specified time frame is assessed. Performance Feedback lets employees know how well they are performing in comparison with the standards of the organization. However, it can be an emotionally...