Performing Market Research

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Table Of Contents 1 ¡V Introduction 3 2 ¡V The Major Methods Of Conducting Market Research 3 3 ¡V Pilot Survey 8 4 ¡V Analysis Of Results From Survey 10 5 ¡V Bibliography 13 6 ¡V Appendix 14 1 ¡V Introduction Market research is a cost-effective way of finding out what people believe, think, want, need or do. It is information that cannot usually be obtained from any other source.

CleanChew gum is a new product, which incorporates toothpaste so that people do not need either a toothbrush or water to clean their teeth. This report will outline the major methods of conducting market research and then be followed by a small survey. The results will then be analysed and produced as graphs.

2 ¡V The Major Methods of Conducting Market Research There are two types of information market research can find out: ?h Quantitative information, which answers questions about the quantity of something, for example ¡¥What percentage of children drink a certain sort of cola?¡¦ ?h Qualitative information, which answers questions where an opinion or judgement is necessary, for example ¡¥What do customers like about a particular product?¡¦ Both types of information can be gathered as a result of: ?h PRIMARY RESEARCH, or field research ?h SECONDARY RESEARCH, or desk research (What Is Market Research? [Accessed 17/03/02]) Primary Research Methods Primary research is the collection and collation of original data.

It involves direct contact with potential or existing customers. This research will usually have been planned and carried out by the people who want to use the data; it is first hand. It can be expensive way to gather information and will usually be for a specific purpose.

QUESTIONNAIRES Questionnaires form the basis of most primary research. Questionnaires may be conducted face-to-face, for example on the street, by...