Peri Espana Case Analysis (For Organizational Behavior): Case Study on working environment in a big construction company in Spain.

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There are many factors which account for the positive results of Peri-Espana. Motivation has a big influence in the outcome that PERI has. Company executives have a high willingness to exert huge levels of effort toward the organizational goals. "We run a driving course, this is a cost, but it is good for the company as we have no accidents", this is what Hexel says in his interview. This is an example of an "organizational goal" PERI has. This organizational goal of having no accidents or at least have the minimum is transmitted to the entire company. They achieve this effectively through high motivation. Workers are learning on job safeness, gradually moving from one area to the other, understanding the basic concepts on the different areas. This highly motivates the employee, he or she knows more about his organization. It is important to note that during this safeness learning process, the laborer is supervised by a skillful foreman.

Here one can see that PERI is giving newcomers strong support in order to achieve an organizational goal.

PERI is quite successful in creating an environment that is responsive to what I believe, are the majority of PERI's workers needs. "The company gives them a job security that is difficult to find in the construction industry", this is mentioned by PERI's general manager. There is an environment of high self discipline and most importantly, elevated responsibility which is very important to install motivation amongst the workers. It seems that there is an almost perfect fit between the worker and the job at PERI.

PERI has a very low staff rotation. This is due to the great training PERI, gives its workers, causing a great motivation amongst them. Employees are motivated to learn more and to get better at what they...