The Perils of Factory Farming

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Olivia Gartzman

Dallas, Merritt

En 102-043

20 March 2013

The Perils of Factory Farming.

Have you ever thought about the idea of animal farming operations, specifically regarding chickens? The idea of chickens ingesting food filled with antibiotics to make them less susceptible to disease puts humans at a medical disadvantage. When human beings are bombarded with antibiotics that are in the chicken and eggs that we eat when we are buying factory farmed poultry, our immune systems are affected as our bodies are getting used to the antibiotics. Factory farming not only impacts the food we eat, but also affects the water and air around these farms.

At the time the baby chicks arrive, the houses are moderately clean and initially appear to be quite spacious. However, when they are fully grown the average is less than a square foot of floor space per bird. The windows are adjusted for heat, and the dead chickens are gathered for removal.

They are then moved to dead pits, which are ten to fifteen feet deep, and ten to fifteen feet wide. They are covered by a concrete slab. The chickens from this point have produced a large amount of waste, which has taken up a lot of space all the remaining space of the chicken house. If we are to have any optimism for our future generations' health, and for chickens' lives to continue to prosper on this earth, we need to adjust our farming operations in general, specifically in this case chicken farming, and begin thinking about the long-term health risks and future environmental problems. Rather than relying upon a farming operation that may be easier, quicker, and cheaper, we need to resort to another method of farming, free-range, that is healthier for humans and one that is...