In the period of 70 to 50 BC, how important was it for Cicero to align himself with Pompey? (30 Marks)

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In the period of 70 to 50 BC, how important was it for Cicero to align himself with Pompey? (30 Marks) Although Cicero was an incredibly notable orator and lawyer, he lacked the influence and power required to progress in his political career. In order to pursue his career he needed a driving force, such as Pompey.

Through the trial against Verres, Cicero came into close contact with Pompey for the first time and his success allowed him to make a substantial . It was perhaps then that Cicero realised Pompey's importance. Cicero's prospects were more or less dependant on secure support from influential individuals. Cicero had already established that he had the potential to have a huge impact within the Republic,whether that entailed maintaining it or developing it, but at this point the only career path in his reach was to work his way through the cursus honorum carefully.

This was a lengthy and difficult process, he'd already reached the position of aedile in 69BC but there was no guarantee that he could progress further without outside influence. Cicero recognised that having Pompey's support could act as a catalyst for his career. Pompey was already virtually universally trusted and incredibly prominent in Roman politics, to the extent where he wasn't even required to work his way up the cursus honorum, he was just granted it. So it was essentially a case of whatever Pompey says goes - If Cicero could gain Pompey's support, he would also gain the support of the majority of the Roman people if one fell swoop because they trusted Pompey's judgement. He decided to invest his time in aligning himself with Pompey and the decision paid off.

Cicero made praetor in 66BC. As praetor he delivered one of his most important speeches with...