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The Italian Renaissance was a period of time that lasted from the 5th century until the 14th century and it was considered the rebirth of Italy due to its cultural and social rejuvenations. Intellectualism based on scientific and realistic ideas became well spread amongst people and also religion. The Renaissance is also considered by some as a Dark Age as a result of the lack of economical progress. However, all the specific changes and lacks of this event were well affected by the monarchial politics that Italy was controlled by.

The politics of Italy were surely not the same as nowadays’ where a group of people make governmental decisions. As a matter of fact, the political system in the Italian Renaissance was an example of extreme monarchism where according to Machiavelli, “successful rulers would keep promises or break them at will.” The International relations of Italy were really chaotic due to a lot of powerful cities having wars with each other and also other countries.

However, the politics developed a lot even though being so chaotic because of annexations of small cities by powerful ones.

Economics did not develop so much during the Italian Renaissance. However, there were drastic economical changes and developments in Italian city-states. This came as a result of city-state leaders bringing unprecedented income from smaller cities or even other countries. Anyhow, economics is not considered as a really developed section of the Italian Renaissance.

Pursuing this further, religion was, as a matter of fact, one of the most affected ones since the Renaissance was a historical event that changed the medieval antique beliefs. This old beliefs were little by little changed to realistic, modern, and coherent ideas. Before the Reinassance, human beings were concerned about their after-life and spirit. After the “rebirth” of Italy...