permeability of beetroot in temperature

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A study of cell membrane permeability in a Beetroot.

Aim: To investigate the effect of different type of ethanol concentration in the beetroot cell membrane.


- Scalpel

- Test tube

- Cork borer (0.7cm diameter)

- visible Spectrometer

- Cuvette

- Beaker

- Micropipette

- Test tube

- pipette


- Beetroot

- Ethanol (100%)

- Distilled water






Ethanol concentration 100%

100% of ethanol was diluted to 50% using distilled water. then diluted ethanol further diluted to prepare 20%,40%,60%, 80% and 100%. Distilled water is used for control (0% ethanol) .Triplicate trials were performed on each concentration to obtain the mean


Rate of diffusion of betanin pigments from beetroot cell

Rate of diffusion is represented by the change of absorbance in an hour. Absorbance was measured using the visible spectrophotometer .Only one cuvettte was used for each trial to reduce systematic error


Size and type of beetroot

Beetroot pieces of identical shape and size (0.5cm) was prepared using cork borer. Only the middle part of the beetroot was used. Some beetroot was used for all 3 trials.

Size and type of curvette

The same cuvette for each trials

Was used. Which was calibrated at the beginning of the trial

Volume of ethanol solution

Ethanol and water to obtain was mixed carefully. Equal volume of the total solution 2.3 cm3 was prepared for all trials .Micropipette was used for accurate measurement


Time should be constant for all the trials .Trial were simultaneously stopped by taking out of beetroot pieces at same time.


Use a cork borer ( 0.7cm

diameter) to extract various strands of beetroot, make sure all of them have the same length.

Get the beetroot pieces and put them into water in order to get rid of the pigments...