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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Preya Leverock

English 0011 Section 02

Comparing and Contrasting

Authoritarian vs Permissive Parenting Styles

Being a parent, especially in today's world, is a pretty difficult task to perform. Children in this age have to be taught and protected from substance abuse, sex and violence, among a lot of other damaging elements in this world. In order for children to grow up with enough knowledge to make wiser decisions when dealing with certain situations, parents need to be more involved, but in which kind of ways? Should they be tough and stern as an Authoritarian parent, lenient and laid back as a Permissive parent, or in between as an Authoritative parent? If and Authoritarian parent is day, then Permissive is night there are many differences and similarities between the three of these parenting styles they are completely different from another.

Authoritarian parents always try to be in control, imposing strict rules to try to keep order without much expression of warmth or affection.

They attempt to set strict standards of conduct and are usually very critical of children for not meeting those standards. They tell children what to do, they try to make them obey, and they usually do not provide children with choices or options. Authoritarian parents don't like to explain why they want their children to do things. If a child questions a rule or command, the parent might respond with "Because I said so ".

Permissive parents tend to set few rules or limitations for their children, if any. Children are free to do whatever they like and barely tend to have a hard time getting along with other people. Permissive parents care for their children, but do not set rules for a variety of reasons. Children that are raised under...